The cultural committee of the Friends of the Magnuskerk Anloo Foundation organises the series 'Muziek uit Anloo'.

There are two series:

A scheduled series of (organ) concerts, for which the foundation invites the musicians and agrees terms such as payment etc.

Organists are obliged to take into account that the Radecker-Garrels organ is tuned in modified meantone with the result that music with more than two sharps or flats can sound very out of tune.

Having obtained permission, you should make contact with the church warden in order to arrange an appointment. The church council charges € 15. 0031592273200.

Both of the other organs are tuned in equal temperament.

There are a number of conditions which must be fulfilled in order to organise a concert:

The church seats 80 people. There will always be a committee member of the churuch present at the concert to help if needed. Coffee can be sold during the interval, the proceeds from which will be given to the foundation.